Pimp Your Ride

If one has not heard of the famous MTV Show, Pimp my ride, the individual certainly has not witnessed a true makeover. The TV show was based on people who would send in tapes of their cars, which were at points of no return, to have it spruced up by the host who was also a famous rapper – Xzibit. In each and every episode, Xzibit would visit one person with a wrecked car and offer to modernize it. Many other re-runs of Pimp my Ride have been made, such as “Pimp my Ride UK”, hosted by world renowned DJ Tim Westwood, who would Find and customize cars based in the British regions. There is also “Pimp my Ride International” with various, recognized hosts like Fat Joe and Lil’ Jon.

Similarly, some people find the inspiration to tag their own cars and personalize them according to their very own diverse likings. Some people give their cars a flamed paint job, or maybe even an ombre. Believe it or not some people actually use flashy, luminous colors and that apparently happens to be a trend. However many people use it for promotional factors. This is often called vehicle signage. Some of the most common signage anyone would have witness at least once in their lives is the FedEx or DHL Vans.

The vehicles have been used to represent the respective companies in delivering their goods to the clients. Tagging in the vehicle as such not only helps people identify the company but also promotes the brand image. It certainly gets the job done; promote and deliver. It is a common trend when it comes to the subject of company cars. So many firms use it on their cars or the cars that are given out to employees. Redbull, being a famous energy drink company hosts a lot of worldwide events. If anyone ever attended these events it would be hard to miss the famous blue and silver redbull car with the oversized redbull can tipping over the hood.

Redbull is a company that is sponsors a lot of racing events and therefore has multiple car signage in Melbourne opportunities. In terms of signage and tagging, it is a great way to catch the eye of a passer-by in promoting your brand, or even just to show off how well kept your ride is as well as it is always great to do anything in style. Pimp my ride never fails to impress its audience. A pity that it stood for only 4 years but the run was completely worth it.