Comprehensive Healthcare: A Right For All


Few unusual pains, a mildly high fever, a few drops of sweat and a shivering cold. What most people nowadays would “pop an aspirin for”, in the past was a cause big enough to say their goodbyes and prepare to leave this world for good. Yes, new findings in the field of medicine, and the common people’s knowledge on levels of basic healthcare has risen in the past decade that it had in the last century.

However, this did not answer any of the world’s demands to the right of basic healthcare with the eventual result of longevity. What is known to us today as essentially a fundamental right, is a right someone else is being deprived of, as we speak. A new disease is enough to divide the world as we know it, in to two halves; the fortunate half that gets access to the new vaccine, and the other half, that’s not so fortunate, and will not be able to afford such medicines.

In a time and age where man has been brave enough to wonder, “what lies beyond our universe?”, at a time where the common man could actually think of one day being able to take off from the ground and actually meet with tour creators above, just like one would make a trip down to the grocery store; is it fair to discriminate a certain population claiming there is a lack of resources?

Yes, there has been the good too. People are being provided a far better healthcare service than they ever had or experienced before. Each day, we hear about the doctors that stayed up many days in a row to save one patient’s life. Technological advancements in the field has made the general public more aware, not only through advancements in the medications itself, but even through the advancements in areas such as online medical website design, that makes the public more knowledgeable, and made seeking medical assistance as easy as making a few clicks of a button. The great impact it had made on the lives of people is immeasurable.

Although people are much more aware of the benefits of modern healthcare, this does not mean that they receive the best care possible. It is sad to imagine that in such an advanced world, some still die of illnesses as they did hundreds of years ago. Get to know the latest innovation in medicine and marketing over here

It is time to provide that very service to the people in the far west, and the Far East, to every one in every corner of the world. We are mankind. We are humanity. Let us get together and care for ourselves